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By popular demand, we have added two new features to the simulator:

  1. Inseams
    You can now manually set the inseam or step length of the driver and passenger. To do this, you only have to set the "Calculate inseam" option to "Free" beforehand and then you can set the value yourself using the "Inseam" option.
  2. Units
    It is now possible to change the used units from "Metric" to "Imperial" in the simulator via the "Advanced" tab.

Have fun trying it out!

Welcome to Motonomics

Motonomics is an ergonomics simulator for motorcycles and scooters. With Motonomics you can simulate the seat position and seat height for you and your passenger/social on different types of bikes and adjust the parameters such as body height or arm angle to suit your needs. The simulator calculates several ergonomic relevant values like knee angle, hip angle, seat height and body inclination individually for your specifications.

So Motonomics supports you in your search for a suitable bike without having to test ride all bikes.

Help for using the simulator can be found on the page FAQ.

But for now have fun exploring the simulator!

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