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On this page we have tried to list and answer the most frequently asked questions about our simulator. If you still can't find what you're looking for here, we would be happy to receive your questions or feedback. The easiest way to do this is to use our contact page.

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  1. How do I use Motonomics?
  2. What are the different settings?
  3. How accurate is the simulation of Motonomics?
  4. Why does the calculated seat height sometimes differ from the manufacturers data?
  5. I am missing a bike. Can you add that?
  6. I noticed a mistake. Where can I report it?

A.How do I use Motonomics?

Start by first adding a desired two-wheeler to the display in the Simulator using the button "Add motorcycle". With the help of the settings on the left side you can then change various parameters (such as the height of the rider or the passenger). The settings affect all added bikes. This allows you to directly compare the ergonomics of the different bikes.

You will find more detailed explanations of the setting options in the next section.

B.What about the different settings?

Here are a few short explanations of the setting options:

Rider data

  • Body height: This allows you to adjust the body size of the rider.
  • Arm Angle : With this setting you define how much the arms of the rider should be angled. The more angled, the more the rider bends forward.
  • Foot position: Here you can specify whether the rider's feet should be on the footpegs of the bike, or on the ground.
  • Seating position: With this slider you can let the driver slide further forward or backward on his seat.


  • Passenger/Pillion: With this setting you determine whether the passenger should be displayed or not.
  • Passenger Body Height: Here you can adjust the body size of the passenger.
  • Passenger Arms: Here you can specify whether the passenger should hold on to the driver or whether the arms should not be displayed at all.
  • Seating Position: With this control you can let the passenger slide further forward or backward on his seat.


  • Number of columns: Here you can define whether only one bike or two bikes should be displayed next to each other.
  • Body Outline: With this setting you define whether the driver and passenger should be set off by a shadow.

C.How accurate is the simulation of motonomics?

Motonomics tries to simulate the ergonomics of the rider and passenger for the various bikes as accurately as possible. However, the values can only ever be an approximation of reality. For example, the suspension compression due to the weight of the rider, the width of the tank and the knee closure cannot be taken into account.

The best impression for the ergonomics of a motorcycle is still obtained while riding. And let's face it, that's also the most fun ;)

D.Why does the calculated seat height sometimes differ from the manufacturer's specifications?

Unlike the manufacturer's specifications, we calculate the seat height solely with the help of the image of the respective bike. However, since a motorcycle suspension is compressed by the weight of the rider and the liquids (oil, fuel), the actual seat height is usually somewhat lower than that calculated by us. This spring travel is dependent on the chassis of the motorcycle and therefore not always the same height and can therefore not be taken into account by our simulation.

However, this has no effect on seat ergonomics, since the distance between the seat, footrests and handlebars is not affected.

E.I am missing a bike. Can you add that?

We strive to constantly update and expand our bike database. But if you are missing a certain bike, we are happy to add it to our database on request. On our contact page you will find a form especially for this purpose. Just enter the appropriate data of the bike here and upload a suitable picture of the bike and we will provide it as soon as possible in our simulator.

F.I noticed a mistake. Where can I report it?

If you should have noticed a mistake on our site or in the simulator, just tell us about it using our contact page. We will check the problem and fix it as soon as possible. Thanks for your help!

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